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Talent concept

Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and competition.

  Yiqun Packaging regards talent as the primary resource of the enterprise, regards relying on talent as the fundamental prerequisite for enterprise development, regards respecting talent as the fundamental criterion for enterprise development, and regards promoting the common development of the enterprise and employees as the fundamental task of talent strategy.  
  Yiqun Packaging adheres to the people-oriented business philosophy, adheres to using broad development prospects to unite people, and motivates people with beautiful career goals. By establishing a scientific and effective talent mechanism, creating a positive and favorable environment for talent growth, we are committed to providing a stage for every employee to fully showcase their talents. By continuously creating personal development opportunities, we provide various talents with opportunities and platforms to achieve success and self-worth. At the same time, through various effective ways, continuously improve the level of human resource management and the comprehensive literacy of talents in enterprises, promote mutual development between enterprises and employees, and allow employees to share the achievements of enterprise development, achieve common development, and share success.