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Linyi Yiqun Packaging Products Co., Ltd. 2021 Hazardous Waste Prevention and Control Information Disclosure

Pollution prevention and control measures: Classified collection and storage shall be carried out in accordance with the hazardous waste management system, kept away from fire sources, prevented from scattering, loss, and leakage, and it is strictly prohibited to dump or lose at will. It shall be disposed of by qualified units.


High temperature ahead! Are you ready for the summer of 2020?

Summer is approaching, and with the rise of temperature, the epidemic will definitely improve. But this summer may be different from before


Linyi Yiqun Packaging Products Co., Ltd. Environmental Protection Information Publicity

The company embodies the concept of energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection in its overall design, and has successively installed and introduced advanced environmental treatment equipment and technology: sewage treatment equipment, photocatalytic oxidation waste gas treatment equipment, RTO waste gas direct combustion system, etc.


White Paper on China's Automotive Aftermarket

In 2018, there was a historic turning point in the sales of new cars in China, with negative growth and an unchanged short-term market adjustment trend. The stalling growth of new cars directly led to a decline in profits or even losses among participants in the new car value chain. Players and capital in the industry also gradually shifted their attention to the automotive aftermarket with the increase of domestic car ownership and average car age.


Strengthening the Safe Production Environment and Implementing Transportation Safety

In order to deeply implement the deployment requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and effectively strengthen the safety management of dangerous goods road transportation


What are the properties of insecticidal aerosols

Space aerosols are specifically designed for space spraying. For example, space mosquito and fly killing aerosols, space disinfection aerosols, air deodorization aerosols, air freshening aerosols, etc. It is required that the particles ejected are very fine and can be suspended in the air for a long time. To achieve this goal, space aerosols contain more projective agents than other aerosols.


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